So Let’s Get This Conversation Going…

My question to you all is… Do you really think she is miserable? I know you have to put on your brave face, bring your A Game, but really. Is she as miserable as reported? I don’t think so.


5 Comments on “So Let’s Get This Conversation Going…”

  1. Narcs are never happy unless what they want happens. Once that high wears off, they are again seeking new gains. Think, “shark”. To answer, she is as happy today as her conquests went today.

  2. She’s miserable because 1. her plan of being revenge Diana 2.0 isn’t working 2. people believe she’s faking her pregnancy 3. she’s not equal to Wills and Kate 4. she has the wealth, power and status she’s desired but can’t exploit it like she wants 5. No matter how much money is dished out for positive PR it’s still not changing the tide. She’s miserable, Lol!!!

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