Ok my friend works for a very high society British family and they have told me something’s which I can share about MM. just rumours of course
1. She wanted KP apartment but was told no NC is their London base. 2. thought she was getting Frogmore House not cottage. 3 Yelled and screamed at PH when she found out. 4. Is rude to staff and refuses to learn anything because she knows best. Staff are talking about leaving. 5. PH is lonely because his family & friends have given up on him. He will to listen to anyone. 6. Thinks PC should be giving her more money as she has brought star power to the family.



It is speculation, yes. But now he is feeling the strain of all this? We over at tumblr, and i’m sure everyone else including his family, have tried to tell him what she was about. people have tried. There is dripping proof over on tumblr of how she is. I know it’s a rumor but it was already out in the media that she is difficult. Even Samantha her own sister tried to tell us she was pushy. remember Princess Pushy? So I think there is truth to this. If Harry will listen to anyone, he needs to listen to his family, and friends, starting NOW. I gave up on him because of this, JD gave up on him because of this. Start listening, put her in her place or kick her the hell out.





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