The circus is far from over!

I’m doing fine, thanks, I hope you too! One day the WHOLE truth will come out about Harry and Meghan’s relationship. This marriage will never last, and when the divorce comes, the KP will stop protecting Meghan and also the Ragland side. It’s going to be very entertaining.
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Awesome to hear, I’m not too bad today thank you! You’re are right! This circus acts are going to continue, and JKR is correct when that protection is lifted watch out. The real entertainment will begin.  We got a marathon going so switch to crudite for now, we can jump to Crunch and Munch later.
We haven’t heard from the Ragland side, and I was told they want too much money.
That stuff never goes away on the internet, and it just gets moved.  Safe and secure for now.  MM out strutting her stuff, yeah the granny bully aka the Duchess of Mean might be safe for now, but timing is everything.  Both sides are playing the long game, but I guess MM’s finding out Harry doesn’t have a money tree. Wrong dude MM, told you so.
Thanks, JKR 🌸😎JD


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