Moles & Freckles

Not trying to be rude- all the talk about making sure ‘freckles’ are not covered up- I think some are freckles. Do others look like moles? Everyone really needs to check and watch their skin. Freckles are not that raised from skin surface like multiple ones visible from photos. Could be me? Moles, square bump some see, others don’t. I have a friend told to see a doctor I believed to be a mole, not a freckle. He sought help, and it was precancerous and removed asap. FYI
You’re fine, we are having a discussion concerning skin care, and we know how much Meghan loves to worship the sun. When you get older you can develop more moles or some might become bigger.
Being a two-time cancer survivor that is what I had removed and tested first. Thankfully it was negative, and everyone should take care of your skin.
Harry being a fair skin fellow he needs to be extra careful, I notice some thickening on his nose that I’m concerned about it.  Lots of sunblocks applied often.  Being on a polo pony smashing the ball all day and he does travel to sunny destinations on behalf of Sentebale for charity events, he needs to care for himself.
Thank you, anon 🌸😎JD