“Possible Hate Crime”

The star from one of my favorite shows was attacked last night, and the Chicago police is treating it as a possible hate crime. The N word, and the word faggot was shouted at him right before he was attacked. So how is it a possible fucking hate crime?? Thank god he is ok, but this makes me so mad, when you KNOW the evidence is there and it is still not treated as it is A HATE CRIME.



2 Comments on ““Possible Hate Crime””

  1. Wow! Unbelievable! And we’re living in 2019?Totally understand your anger Vin. It’s like here when a woman is raped &/or murdered it’s reported as ‘alleged’. What the … the victims lying in a morgue, don’t think there’s anything ‘alleged’ about it! PC gone mad is what it is. Sincerely hope Jussie sees justice served🙏😕

    1. Absolutely. Just call it as it is man, he is ok thank god but this is uncalled for. Goddamn trump supporters. I know trump supporters that are some of my best friends but this type of supporter is insane

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