Stay tuned for a statement to come out

Stay tuned for a statement to come out

The writing is on the wall for Kensington Palace to chastise the public for comments against the Royal spouses.  It is wrong to pit them against one another.

Richard Palmer spoke out against the abuse and his paper published  Meghan Markle will overshadow Lady Gabriella. Although not Richard’s fault it is the fault of his paper.  The Same goes for all outlets.  How can we shut this down, less posting of Meghan Markle,  we are all sick to death of having her crammed down everyone’s throat.  It’s only caused a backlash against her, but can she live without seeing her name in print?

People read this and they believe that Meghan is the Duchess of difficult.  It confirms what we have been saying along that she indeed is.  Emily Nash is right, if you say something nice, don’t attack another commenter. I’ve seen reporters abused to the point of having acid thrown in their face. This 💩got to stop! Stay off the Royal websites, don’t comment and they are going to block people which we have been informed this is already starting.

None this should have happened to begin with if the Duchess of Sussex was upfront and honest about her past.  Now the bump and it’s okay to have a surrogate it’s a gift another woman could do for parents who can’t conceive on their own.  If Meghan Markle is such a feminist she would celebrate life and not hide under prosthetic devices.






Yeah. A statement on how there is no discord in the royal households, and how we are bad people because we see something wrong and point it out, we see she is possibly faking this and that’s probably going to prove everyone wrong too. Remember its their lives! lmao


If Meghan is actually pregnant, I have a challenge. Let’s see if she will make a deal with a magazine of some sort, and pull a Beyonce. Remember when Beyonce posed while pregnant with her twins? Let’s see Meghan do that. A lot of mothers have done it, and it is a beautiful thing. IF SHE CAN DO THAT, THEN WE WILL STAND CORRECTED.

Image result for beyonce pregnant twinsImage result for beyonce pregnant twinsImage result for beyonce pregnant twins     Can she do this?




The timeline on the pregnancy doesn’t make sense


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5 Comments on “Stay tuned for a statement to come out”

  1. We, the public, shall be chastised & told to behave. What the RF seem to forget is we are adults, we have eyes – especially in this electronic age, & we aren’t stupid. They’d better be careful with any statement regarding Dino – republican murmurings have already become whispers – they don’t want the voices being raised any louder, not atm, all things considered ☮️

    1. You are spot on. Your response is 100% correct. We the public will be told to behave. Yet Dino will emboldened and know she is untouchable. Let the whispers turn to raised voices the time has come.

    1. That’s true, but I don’t mean in that style… just something to prove she is lol

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