Anon- Irony for the Kindness Campaign

oh, the irony for kindness campaign considering where and who began the onslaught of mega pr praise while no attempt to intervene on comparing, insulting kate.
Guess Camila Tominey never followed through on origins of this PR disaster.
So Smuggles is calling for kindness to make herself look caring and not the problem? Nice try, not buying it. Obvious began once dimwit hooked up w dimmer. Leaks, pr spin, etc. nether Sussexes worthy of brf or rep the UK. Total fail, lack dignity, grace, intellect. 1
Never witness a pregnant woman’s bump resemble a mega-sized marshmallow. It rises, falls, reshapes all in under 30 minutes. Photo, video evident every public appearance. yes, babies shift position, but this one must be practicing for circus contortionist. Esp when arrives bump is higher, extends past boobs. Upon leaving bump significantly not extend past boobs, is squished down too.
Modern would be public told use surrogate.groundbreakingg, feminist! NOT! lost opportunity! 2

💖I love this Anon!!! 💖

Meghan Markle dealing with comments


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  1. Why are you surprised? It’s narcissism at its pinnacle. The truth hurts them. Contrive a plot against the truth that exposes them.

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