Rumor #2 ~ Harry will listen ~ counterpoint


With all due respect to that anon, I disagree that H has not and will not listen anymore, I think he does and is now just beginning. The Cambridge’s as they should put forth the appearance of walking away, but I’d wager behind the scenes conversations are had, blood is thicker than water.

Much like the Markles are in this together so are the RF It’s not that simple to walk away from this hideous mistake of a marriage, and the Royals don’t operate that way. They’ll avoid a Diana situation, and it’s unheard of to divorce under a year that I’m aware of. Personally, I think a lot has been done if you take the time to read between the lines and notice what is not challenged by the RF and what is leaked.
Just my 2 cents worth.


This is why we are here to listen to each one of you!  Yes, they aren’t letting anyone walk away for two years, they will get there money’s worth. As I said marriage is the hardest the first two years.  I suspect that reporters were asked about the nasty war of fans to calm it down, most of the usual outlets were contacted.

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Thank you, anon   🌸😎JD


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