How Dumb is Meghan Markle PR Team?

How stupid is Markle’s PR team??? Why do they think removing comments will help Markle? It will make the situation just worse, and it shows the people whose comments got deleted were right about her. Man-child Harry wants to force us to like his stupid wife.
It will spread like napalm!  Dumb ass move, SMH, we aren’t children.
I was reading a specific reporter tweets, and  I really like him but when you make fun of peoples grammar that will make the situation worse.  His paper came out with articles that on fan flames further.  Never make fun of your readers they pay your salary in the clicks for reading articles.
That’s why I say don’t click on their articles. Post freely and often, use our user-friendly forum to comment on the articles.  Hit them in the wallet, MM goes by comments to get paid, and we make a stink she gets paid more.  Stay off the articles and don’t buy her crap fashions and accessories.
Complain to the designers respectfully and tell them it is against protocol to pay royals to wear your clothes.
Thank you anon 🌸😎


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  1. I need to follow this advice JD 😞 I can’t help myself; it’s the comments I enjoy, always find ones to give me a smile 😊 I don’t usually even read the articles tbh 🤦‍♀️☮️

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