I hope so Anon , stay off the articles and royal websites

Imagine what Meghan and Harry’s minions would say about Kate and William if they would demand that the comments about them getting deleted.
They have, and they are blocking and deleting those as well, stay off the royal websites and all of Meghan Markle’s articles, please!  comment often on blogs and in forums they are being read.
thank you, anon 🌸😎JD


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2 Comments on “I hope so Anon , stay off the articles and royal websites”

  1. Helen Mirren?? Why would she be sucking up to the Royals? I used to love her in Silent Witness (A British TV series) Disappointed Helen 😕

  2. I just read the headlines for a couple of DM articles.
    Helen Mirren praising Meghan and a fung shei kinda guy saying the baby is a boy as there is more male energy surrounding her …………………..Wouldn’t want to read or comment on these.

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