Meghan’s PR

Meghan’s fans and PR can say to me what they want – it’s obvious that Meghan has mental problems. It’s not normal to be so media and attention hungry. She obviously also can’t handle that there are people out there who dislike her. Kate also received many insulting comments (waity kaity,…) and nobody from the BRF helped her with that but they do everything for Meghan. I really believe she thinks she’s as important as the Queen.
The chick has all kinds of issues, and they still let her in. These were evident before the marriage, and they still accepted her. Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Histrionic Personality Disorder, a mixed bag.  So if they did not know then they know now, and getting rid of her isn’t happening any time soon. unfortunately.


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  1. More PR. Helen Mirren praising her and now Katherine McPhee has shared an old photo of her with Meghan. Strange times.

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