Picture submitting ~ which article did it come from , must have a link, photo credit

New Laws are being made, and it will affect how everyone acts on the internet. We do have Getty free images, and PA is another one, be careful not use pap pictures, they want to get paid, and we don’t make any money here, maybe enough to get our nails filled, lol

It’s important to come to the website and use our Getty free images, no they aren’t the big gorgeous blown up kind you find on the DM,  we aren’t a magazine with huge advertisers.  I’m sure it’s been tolerated for now, but in the immediate future, it won’t be.

There are some cool photographers like Rookie that will post some on his tweeter, and you have to that link to his post.

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Editing of pictures is the biggest nightmare with news rules to come, I watch a video about these, and it’s going to be a giant gamechanger.

Don’t use the word HATE or I will have to change it, there is a thing called HATE SPEECH, that’s a no-no if you hate someone you need to go outside and get some air. Never, take things so seriously that you actually hate someone.  To keep you safe and this website refrain from using that word.

Thank you JD & Vin 🌸😎🎷🎶


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