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well that was a hit piece. Using the pics was an attempt to intimidate too. Nice strategy. Not. So is this MM and her slimy pr or is it the BRF trying to silence the critics and the gossip about her dubious baby bump? I am not surprised they went this way we have seen the sort of threats you’ve gotten. Playing very nasty now so the stakes must be high and they must feel threatened.

Whoever paid for this hit piece the sad truth is that none of this would be happening if the BRF had not given Markle the platform from which to do this.

The irony here is that you and other blogs have tried to defend Harry, the Cambridges and the BRF. Tried to warn them and uncover Meghan’s lies. And this is what you get intimidation tactics to silence you. Thanks BRF and Harry!

Republic now.


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  1. JD I agree and can honestly say this hit piece came straight from the Palace. I an Australian and a member of the Commonwealth I will now be openly campaigning for a Republic.

    1. Me too! Wonder if it’s possible to use one of our Politicians as a mouthpiece to voice the idea it’s time 😠😑

      1. I’m a Kiwi – lived in Australia since 89, Australian (ex &) kids Strong believer of free speech & don’t take kindly to being told how to think (oh, & a financial member of πŸ˜‰)

      2. Hi Barb if you ar a Aussie vote Labour at the election Bill Shorten has openly said there will be a vote for a Republic in his first three years in office.

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