From Tomorrow On, Nothing Will Be Spoken Of Those People. Nothing.

Since that reporter had led us to believe that he was fighting MM Trolls, and fucked us over, we will no longer be speaking of that girl and her husband. That subject is closed. They used JD’s pics, posted my name, and twisted my comments without permission. He made it seem like he was willing to listen. And I told him about her REAL TROLLS, who threaten and deliver death threats to us. He did not give a shit about that, and we were screwed. Any comments that i made all of you know there was no intent of harm, all in good fun. I have spoken to a few friends of mine and we can go after them legally. Invasion of privacy. So this is the last night we will be discussing that chick. it is up to you if you want to stay with us, if not we understand. JD and I thank you for the ride, and no we wont take this quietly.





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    1. I’m not scared. We aren’t scared. Since they trolled thru this whole blog and picked out comments we made with no intent of harm and only speculation, we aren’t giving them any more ammunition. As of now no we aren’t discussing that thing. When it dies down and blows over then yeah. We just think it’s best for right now.

  1. You will both continue to have my support Vin, 100%
    Now bring on more of them old tunes, you know the ones, when music was music & we didn’t know what ‘digital enhancers’ were 🙏💕👌🏼☮️🎶

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