I know guys about DM

Peter Sheridan contacted Vintage and me, he is a known for his sugar pieces on Markle.  Vin has never called her a hillbilly, that’s skippy. They may have seen a reblog from a long time ago, and my entire tumblr site was uploaded here.

They never asked my permission to post that picture it was obviously to shame us, and they took what they wanted even though I said Enty, the Entertainment lawyer, I wonder if he’ll represent me? I don’t think it’s a bad picture, and they shouldn’t have got my husband involved in this.

We were good enough when the palace needed us, and I guess we really are plausible deniability. They are not done yet, and they are going to take MM fans down next.

The only people that lose in this is the UK, and they have to pay for all of this mess.

Thank you, everyone, 🌸😎


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9 Comments on “I know guys about DM”

  1. Came to know of your site due to DM’s new low, disgusting, article to shame common folks, along with their personal photos. Everyone has the rights to make comments. Majority of us have common sense. It is what it is, we do not like fake duchess.

  2. JD, take no notice of them, stay strong, It’s Markle PR team going on an all out attack. What we all expect from you is for you to fight back via this site and expose Markle, her fake moonbump and more. Moonbump is due soon so they are on a vigorous attack to throw you off the scent. Start up a fund raising page and Sue them, many has done so and have won.

  3. I am absolutely furious. The Palace are behind all this mark my words. They want people to like her but it is not working so they will discredit those that are trying to expose her for what she is. I am sorry JD and Vin you don’t deserve this. It could have been a brilliant piece but no.

  4. Doxxing members of the public who do not enjoy round the clock protection is disgusting. SUE for putting you and others in danger. If it gets to court everything will come tumbling out. Trial of theh century.

  5. I’ve seen the headline and pics for the DM article. I’m shocked by this unfair calling out of people who do not like Meghan for various reasons. Her fans going after the press and now you and others who do not like her.

    I hope people will come here and analyze what everyone has written and make up their own minds instead of just dismissing everyone as crazy or hateful people.

    Perhaps they should write an article about Meghan’s fans who threaten people who do not like her, especially when they go around labelling comments as racist when no such thoughts were raised.

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