The Media

People in power like the BRF need to be held accountable and it is the job of the press to do that. But in this case we have the press making money off of this scam. The press knows she is merching yet they hide it cause they make money too. They know there is deception going on yet they hide it. No wonder we do not trust the media anymore. Do your jobs! Hold those in power accountable!


Yeah well you know how this works, if you have money you can get away with everything. lol This my jam tho.






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  1. Exactly! Truth in media, not much to expect. When they become part of the problem though … Our freedom of speech needs to be preserved, especially now, with everything going on in our world. They all need to understand you cannot force the narrative of a minority onto the majority. If this continues it will not end well for anyone ☮️💖

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