Yes, I want to sue!

where or how did they obtain your photo w hubby? he can start civil suit for privacy breach, use of likeness without consent, intrusion. four types. if you gave quote to media and it was published were you told in advance? public servants are accountable to public and higher standard. afaik that is what comments that constructive are mostly about. the banana message was inappropriate imo for the recipients. no one made her do it and ph b.j. comment on video at public rep queen demo no respect
Thank you anon, I don’t believe my husband should be involved, and he said to me, “can you just walk away from this? ” I’m sending peter every troll that thinks that’s true to Peter Sheridan.  When I told him Enty the entertainment lawyer, CDAN.  They didn’t post it.
I stand by the decision to say that yes, she is a representative she can be criticized.  It’s our right and none of it was hate.
Thank you anon


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