I wonder if you can file an IPSP complaint for the doxing with publishing your husband’s pic? And try this resource before you spend money

electronic freedom foundation

Thank you anon, I think maybe some of those reporters and the daily mail should drop something in the coffee cup. I’m thinking of another angle about this motive that some of the other readers and bloggers have said to me privately.  This is the way to see what MM has been up to and something that they can’t publish right now.

Oh fair warning, I live on private property as soon as I have the attorney in place you may talk through them.  I live in the south and let me tell you they take trespassing to a new level of hell. 🌸😎JD



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3 Comments on “IPSO”

  1. Oh yeah, I watch “Live PD” and the trespass segments are brutal! You’re right, JD, your legal representation is capable of handling matters of improper discourse.

  2. I think you’re a walking, talking ugly stinking pile of pig shit. Go fuck a duck and let the grownups carry on.

    1. wow lola! your comment that insights hateful vile speech is exactly what trolls really are all about! it is one thing to express opinion, likes, dislikes, observations. lola is a typical example of ‘sugar trolls’ jd, vin any threats, fear you and family have been subject to must file immediate police report, get a copy. that is step one after that give it all to your legal council. articles still up means brf and hm are complicit. p.s. doula and midwife? deflect and distract from true intentions? no a geriatric zika pregnancy with reported drinking and what not should have no worries. cheers. happy superbowl. now here is a great thoughtful human being. not sure of name, but a rams player that was traded from patriots last year is v thoughtful. he thinks so highly of others and appreciative he sent fav custodian from ny game tickets and all needed for him and his son! it was leaked by fellow teammate. now those are the type of ppl to be praised and admired.so there are fab ‘celebs’ out there, just not daily fluff pieces.

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