Let freedom ring campaign

Next time Harry and Meghan have an engagement and you can go bring a bell and ring it. You have rights, we all have rights! I may not like what you say or vice versa but people have given up their lives for us to live in a free society.

The killer part is we didn’t troll anyone, we didn’t move around the internet to harass anyone, you have always had the choice to ignore us, scroll away because it was your choice.  Let it stay your choice.  Ring the bell!

#freeofspeech #ringthebell

This will be my last comment towards you. I’m risking a lot sharing this information and do not appreciate being called a liar or a sugar (what does that mean anyway? I didn’t say anything about food). You wanted to know what Meghan’s endgame is, so I told you. Her goal is a wedding, this was decided a long time ago. (part 1/2) – PR anon


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