NSW anon

Hi JD,

I just sent you a message of solidarity but it hasnt come through yet. The message also extends to Vintage as well.

I agree with the blogger who advised you to call the Police. The article was provocative and misrepresenting you, plus some sugars are very aggressive!

There must also be an enterprising lawyer to help you Jersey. This is a good story and worthwhile cause!

Id like to sat hello to Googie Bird and otherAussies. I predict we will have a new government by the middle of the year and in a few years another referendum. Then we will have an Australian Republic and an Australian Head of State.

As for the BRF, they have let the Harkles wreak havoc for too long and I suspect this latest debacle will blow up in their face. There will be casualties and one of those may be Harry.


the lawyer needs to get in touch with me. We are trying to keep up  with the massive response. Thank you NSW


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