nsw anon~ this is what it’s all about

HI Jersey,

I just wanted to show my support to you after the grotesque bullying of you by that feudal monstrosity the BRF and the most read tabloid on the planet. , the Daily Mail. It is a modern day David and Goliath tale of nuclear proportions. Shame Shame Shame.

No-one could call you a troll Jersey. You ensure respectful conversation on your blog and have set up a great site with a diverse range of cultural topics. People are commenting on the Harkles because there are many contradictions and people have questions.

Further, if a member of the BRF fires a missile into the free press to protect his girlfiend who then embarks on a PR tsunami for years, people are going to have an opinion. Especially so when said girlfriend/wife is also engaged in a taxpayer funded extravaganza.

I think a more appropriate use of press resources would be to –

– Ask why the taxpayers spent so many millions on a wedding for the 6th in line to the throne and a wife who has been married at least once before.

– Name MMs celeb wedding guests and their links to Soho House.

– Explain why so many articles on the Harkles advertise Soho House and their various cronies and corporate partners

– Investigate and explain Soho House links to the Harkles.

– Investigate and explain the source of MMs PR, clothing and jewellery funds.

– Call for transparency and accountability in relation to BRF use of taxpayer funds.

– Investigate the effectiveness and accountability of BRF charities such as the Royal Foundation.

– Advise if any Royals Foundation funds are being used for medical research into a cure or better treatment for schizophrenia and Bi Polar Disorder, and if not why not..

– Examine the cost of the Oceania tour and whether host nations were happy with the outcome.

If the treatment of you and the attack on free speech is the work of the new the media staffie and Soho slickster Christian Jones, I am not liking what I am seeing. He should be focussing on the interests of the nation rather than planning attacks on ordinary people for expressing opinions on taxpayer funded public figures.

Lastly JD, it is outrageous that the funds of a British media giant and possibly even British taxpayer funds are used to harass and humiliate an American citizen for expressing commonly held opinions on her own site. If I were you I would complain to your local member of Congress.

Judging by DM comments the readers are not easily fooled and not impressed by the new approach.

I’m in tears reading this, yes this is what it’s all about. Thank you, JD 🌸😎


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  1. Let’s face it….only extremely unhappy people would dedicate hours to finding and creating fantasy negative gossip about strangers. Sorry to hear you are afflicted with such misery.

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