Wrong move Markle !!!!! Now let the fight back begin.

JD and Vin, take no notice of them, stay strong, It’s Markle PR team going on an all-out attack. What we all expect from you is for you to fight back via this site and expose Markle, her fake Moonbump and more. Moonbump is due soon, so they are on a vigorous attack to throw you off the scent. We’ve got your back and please never give up exposing liar Markle. More vigorous exposure of her and is now needed, dig deeper into your investigation about her. Start up a fundraising page and Sue them, many have done so and have won.


Thank you anon, we have our coffee cup on this blog, you can donate from $1.00 to millions of them, and I know others have laughed at it, but this WordPress site isn’t free. I own jerseydeanne.com WordPress hosts this site, and I have a responsibility to make sure no trolls come through, and we don’t have hate speech.  We always ask for links, receipts but people are allowed to state their opinions.  This is a speculation site, I’ve clearly said that anons may be lying take it with a grain of salt.

Enty, the Entertainment lawyer as featured in Vanity fair told of Harvey Weinstein, now was he wrong? No, he wasn’t.

I stand by my anons and the receipts to tell the truth.  I want the world to know she is the Duchess of Duress.