Anon said: why does anyone give a damn about BRF ?

Why does anyone give a damn about the BRF (BARF). The secret is out. Every YT channel is talking about the harvesting of children’s blood at $8000 / liter so they can live longer. Torturing children for hours on end to raise the levels in their adrenals do they can eat or inject adrenachrome in their system. They are sick, psychotic people who want to destroy all of us. Wake up!!! They deserve Markle!
Well thank you for your opinion,  I absolutely disagree with you! Have a great day 🌸😎


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3 Comments on “Anon said: why does anyone give a damn about BRF ?”

  1. 😆😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 Hahaha, oh thank you anon! Shit, it’s been a pretty heavy few days for those of us who care – you know, about our RF, our bloggers, our fos .. oh, and the TRUTH 😊
    But seriously, what are you on, cause whatever it is, I want some 😆
    anyway, thanks again, it was great to have a laugh ☮️💖

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