I’m Working On A Thing!

These people labeled JD and I and a few other people as trolls. After they were told about the real ones that come here and threaten and ridicule and shame, over their precious alien leader. And so I am putting together a project, of every threatening message, every message intended to shame us, ALL OF THEM. I am making phone calls ans what not this week. I want to work on this today, so I have legit proof of these threats. IP addresses and all. Oh, and don’t try to use a VPN if you visit here with intent to threat, because they will trace that too. I KNOW PEOPLE. JD, Felix my love, we miss you, if you can both, if you have them saved, send me everything you have.


hey press… you want to shame us, put us out there as trolls, when we mean absolutely no harm and we speak the truth that your alien boss is spending lots of money trying to hide, you’re about to get the REAL people that intend to harm. Buckle up bitches!




5 Comments on “I’m Working On A Thing!”

  1. I’m already seated & buckled up on your truth bus, let’s start ‘er up & get this trip rolling ☮️💖

    1. 😁😁😁🤣🤣🤣 this may be awful now , but something is coming it’s going to be huge! we got news that the Jeffrey Epstein case will resume. This what we’ve been waiting for.

      1. I’m feeling confident … time to clear out the closet & remove the dust covers; lets throw open the windows & let in fresh air … on both sides of the ocean ☮️💖

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