Anonymous said: I always knew that Harry would marry an unsuitable woman

I always knew that Harry would marry an unsuitable woman. He has the making-bad-choices-gene from his mother. It’s a disgrace what he and his wife are doing to the royal family and also public. How stupid do you have to be to think that you can force people to love your wife? Just shows that he deserves his nickname Prince Dimwit.

Ouch!  I understand your frustration but let’s not go there with Diana. There is already enough guilt to go around the world three times. Let’s try to remember that is William’s mother as well.

We have a world-class manipulator using Diana for her own personal  PTSD weapon against Harry, and I’m convinced of this. Harry has to break this cycle and ask for help, until that time our hands are tied, but our speech shouldn’t.

This attack on Free speech and expression is what we need to be saying. Ring your liberty bell and use your voice.

Thank you anon 🌸😎peace 😁💋


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  1. I think this is part of modernizing things and has been going on for decades now, not too successfully. Their gene pool is screwed up because of all the breeding with too close a relation. And the arranged marriages that go against “love”. Not saying these aren’t valid points to a degree, but the monarchy isn’t just a run of the mill family. we’ve seen it with people from no money who win large amounts in the lottery. They go off the rails, bankruptcy and suicide rates are high for them. There is something to be said for marrying within your ranks so to speak. Of course, it needs to start with moral integrity no matter who you are.

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