Anonymous said: I remember when I tried to like Meghan for Harry

I remember when I tried to like Meghan for Harry when they announced their engagement, but I always had a bad feeling when it comes to her…. nice that she proves over and over again why I will never like her.
Most people say it’s the smugness and it’s a poke the bear situation!  I’ve been in trenches of the Daily Mail comments, and I can verify it gets dodgy with the trolls and Markle herself.  The thing is she can’t help herself, pushing that envelope and worried about some tumblr/twitter bloggers.
Since she chose to try to shame us for being ordinary citizens who can smell her brand of bullshit halfway around the globe, she only gave notice to the rest of the world what a douchebag she really is.  Meghan might have had a pretentious laugh when published, but I think the people will have the last one.
Freedom should never be squelched, tread🐍 on or  💩 on.
Thank you, anon 🌸😎JD


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