L.A. ! another vaca working trip!

lol, all day. Giving another vaca ‘working’ trip to two disloyal ppl undermining monarchy? So IF as reported around 28 weeks geriatric preg when the trip takes place flying is not questionable? Oh silly me, I nearly forgot such wonderfulness could escape zika virus while simultaneous have toxins sprayed in a tropical forest or whatever it was to spare her. No need for any to worry she will not need to fly because we peasants forgot she could walk on water while preg w second coming! L.A.
Post 2 I wanted to comment on the admiration and respect I held for Serena. She is an immensely gifted athlete. I realized at Wimbledon her ppl skills are sadly lacking, being a poor sport. Men get away with. It is up to us women to show we can rise above such conduct and accept if not win 1st place. my, heart goes out to the young lady who earned the 1st place. This pr team cannot truly recover or erase that moment. So move on and end the mean girl pr. Jd, Vin media reports need accountability too. L.A.
Exactly! Reporters must be held accountability to prove their case, going rogue isn’t a forgivable action.  Why highlight and shame?  It’s the intention of causing irreparable damage to one’s person.
Serena, I looked up to her but that last outing was shameful and stole the Champions moment with poor sportsmanship.
All individuals trying to shame and get people fired is a crime, a hate crime, you used skin color in your tweets which is a hate crime.
Ordinary citizens with opinions have nothing to be ashamed of, and they are proud people, I know I’m proud of them!
Let freedom ring with your god given voice!
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