That’s why I’m here💜💜🌹🌹🌹🌹

I’m 100% convinced that if Harry and Markle divorce, she will throw the whole royal family under the bus. She will accuse the royal family of being racists and also the UK. She will find excuses to why many people didn’t like her.


Yep, and well aware of this fact and I have promised to defend them when the time comes.  The Markle’s tried to destroy me with that article.

See I’m on to the scam with Coleman Raynor, Splash news, it ties Meghan right in there.  Meghan’s massive ego got in the way and had to prove to skippy she lives with Harry.  Drone flyover of the country bolthole and aerial shots of Soho Farmhouse.  That made MM protection officer quit. No more playhouse for Meghan.

Colman Raynor ( from LA) has the rights to the family photos, set the dad up with some cash that MM is so distraught over.  They did the country bolthole flyover. They were also outed by the DM.

Splash news another American company has a sister company that set up the Tig website per @lovenowayworld. They did the early pap pictures in Toronto and at Harry’s friend wedding. They did the aerial flyover of Soho Farmhouse pig sty.

Why the American paps? There are plenty of wonderful photographers in the UK.

Then Enty, the entertainment lawyer said, she is charging designers to wear their clothes. 

We also are on the lookout for men’s wear coming from Charles Finch.

My chatting is offensive to MM, and H found then the parodies did and the name calling?? Odd don’t you think? Did I touch a nerve?

The Royals should throw me a bone once in a while.

Thank you anon 🌸😎


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