Anonymous said: Do you think MM will finally get exposed soon?

Do you think MM will finally get exposed soon? Or do you think the Queen going to do something? cause unless at this point she might be really pregnant and she’ll finally get what she wanted all along?
But why can’t Harry see through her… I mean Will already did and he keeps his distance like when we have seen in some video or picture and everyone to so why not his brother? Unless he’s playing all along?.. I’m so confused… but at the same, I’m getting tired of there circus lol… -1
Also, I hope I wasn’t rude to what I said on the comments I’ve to send you 😊… -2 have an awesome day 🙂

Will she? By the grace of God, yes. There is going to be heat coming her way. I think most of it comes this summer.

The palace IMO has had enough of this nonsense. MM pulled a Diana move and she was done and the Queen ordered a divorce.

Harry is in a relationship with a narcissist he probably so overwhelmed he gives his hand on command like a dog giving paw. MM has emasculated him in many articles. I pray for the day she is kicked out of the country and leaves those people alone.

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  1. I think for the RF this baby is their last hope to fix this mess. I don’t believe for a second that she’s pregnant and I don’t think she ever wanted kids, this is purely a seal the deal baby. She won’t bond with it and that will be easy to see. The RF should just pull the plug now because it’s going to get even uglier.

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