Comment Manipulation

was obvious on the DM article but keep in mind that makes it even more apparent the article is PAID for by her. And while the up voting was obvious there were a majority of comments that recognized this was yet another pr ploy by Meghan and few were impressed. She has lost. The end is coming. And she did herself in with these stupid stunts.
I don’t see much point in getting excited by her games now. It is the desperate last gasp.

I absolutely agree with you, they got her now.  You’re right, paid for the article, that’s about 65k?  maybe less she wasn’t merching anything this time.

Thank you, I still have faith 🌸😎💖💋JD


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  1. 🎶 Cause you gotta have faith, faith faith 🎶 ❤️
    Vin needs to put on a link to George Ms song 😊☮️

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