It seems quiet for the moment

It started bad, my youtube plugin stopped working, Google is sending me stuff that something wrong. Where is a kid when you need one? I do not understand half of this developers stuff.

Having a conversation with my peer group is challenging, I bet they never ask me what I’m up to again.

Sad part my husband said maybe I should be married to a nerd! That’s an ego boost ! and to find someone who is an anglophile is rare around these parts.

I’m lucky I got this theme to work finally, and I’ve made every mistake you can make developing a website.  Every one of those plugins cost money, ugh. The latest I want to be able to chat with you as I do on tumblr so one I thought was crappy one and  I did get money back minus $2 I should have kept. I went with the Facebook messenger, NOPE waste of money.  I still have to go to facebook to get the message

These little things are spiraling out of control in my quest to give you this really cool website. We can all have so much fun with an share our thoughts. So, I’m under the gun with an extreme matter of urgency feeling, and have you ever have those days?

WHAM!  Vin tells me this reporter guy wants to talk to me and asked if we think we are trolls? Of course, we aren’t trolls we don’t hop from site to site harassing people. They come us to attack us.


Next thing I know it I’m a deer in headlights 

WTF just happened, why did they go after Vintage? She into race cars and music?  I talk to people, and we have conversations.

When is that an excusable defense to go after me with such malice? Last I checked people have a right to call out their representative for any wrongdoing.  This is a speculation site, and Siofra Brennan was happy to add that to the bunion story that she published.  The Daily Mail had already declared it because it does say it on my header and in anon. Checkmate.


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