Plan B

If you cannot have your own home Hypno birth, then go for birth on foreign soil. By their request, an invitation to use them as cover. To cement royal blood into their country, as well as into the RF. Intriguing, maybe somewhat true.

She did say to a person in the crowd when she was wearing that Di 2.0 red coat that, “her friend went into labor 12 weeks early.” Was it 12? That’s three months early. I can’t keep all of this stuff straight. The houses, the letters phone calls, the timelines! And, HM celebrates 67 years with no fanfare. PP stops driving, mon dieu, time is going by fast.

Will Toronto paper spill more? Can’t even find them, but I’m not on Twitter. Please post if they resurface. Anyway, I’m taking some Advil and going to bed. My head’s spinning. Stay safe, this doxing has got to stop.

What happened to silly gossip? It’s all legal “get you” now, kill you, your hamster and your right to point out funny things that make you go, “Hmm.”


Toronto news was just posted, and I hope they spill more and hope they are legit. We can be leary of all newcomers to this party.  MM can’t stop leaking, and I think she is going to have a baby in her arms this month.  Please come back hmm anon!  thank you so much 🌸😎💋


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One Comment on “Plan B”

  1. Well, we just discussed this earlier in another post.
    She can’t do a preemie as the baby would need to be hospitalized for some length of time.
    An unexpected birth may also lead to her to be examined due to the surprise birth.
    The baby would need to look like a preemie at this stage. Not happening. The baby would not be travelling unless they plan on having the baby airevaced but that would only mean the baby is in one hospital and transferred to a different one. Too iffy.

    There are people who don’t buy Diana’s car accident. I can’t see people believing this with all the questions already surrounding the pregnancy.

    A full term baby is going to look and act full-term, but she has said she’s not due for a few months….What a mess. Oh, the baby’s feeding would be different as well. Wonder what her plan is for feeding the baby?

    What do you think of my thought, forget where I posted it, about Baftas now (William and Catherine’s show) and this happens and the time their in Morocco the Oscars are happening?

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