It’s LA! pr is this a result of recent egomania pr


I turned on sound for last night bafta with kate and will because I read how the audience remained ‘ silent’ as they entered with claims how ‘ stiff and awkward’ the couple was.
It is interesting how some observations can be from one extreme to another. c’est la vie. Last year Bafta also was silent when they entered. Why did this happen or is this the new show of respect? PR is this a result of recent egomania PR? L.A.
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Oh, you bet it is!  It’s a show of respect they are Royal not roasting some celebrity.  LA you and I saw pictures, and I think they did their jobs.  Sorry MM fans that Kate didn’t wear a dress so short that the entire world could be her gynecologist!
They need to get over it, whose idea was this anyway? Oh, right, Harry!
Thank you,  LA,  🌸😎


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  1. It is respect . There are certain rules or protocols Brits follow when a Royal enters a room . To be honest even so called celebrities go weak at the knees near a(senior ) member of the RF.
    One thing I did notice was all those people were either smiling or simply looking entranced when Kate and William walked by them ❤ They (K&W ) did look like the real fairy tale Prince and Princess that people hope and expect to see ! Kate looked stunning , no other way to describe her ❤

  2. I sent th DM article I posted in case my name didn’t show up.

    Just checked it again and it supposedly has at least fifteen comments now, but none are showing.

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