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Hi JD,

The Toronto paper tweets seem a bit dark, almost menacing, They also seem to be by someone who knows MM really well and is consistent with what others have said and her life history to date, I know this is a bit out there but we don’t know how deranged MM is ( She is certainly very unusual) – Could MM be Toronto Paper and this is either a sick bid for sympathy ( maybe to manipulate Harry) or to prolong the victim persona for the post BRF sob story?

Some people can get really sick when they try to hang on to something. Recently we had a case of an Aussie female celeb whose ex-boyfriend staged a home invasion, leaving a rape kit in the house, so that our celeb would get too frightened to kick him out — horrible stuff.

Remember MM must be very desperate right now. This explanation is also consistent with the alleged Toronto Pap Stalkings and home invasions or whatever else inspired the Harry statement.

Alternatively, could Toronto Paper tweets be by MM to lure in bloggers for further doxing?

Or it could be the case of someone who really does intend to expose MM. I just think people should be careful before becoming too involved in that stuff.

Some people laugh at Tarot, but I’m open to psychic interests. There is a very good Tarot reader on Youtube called Psychic Tarot. She said in the last few readings that MM has a box of tricks that she is using, and the public would turn away in revulsion from this behavior. She indicates that people would blame Christian Jones for these tactics but it was not his fault, it’s all MM.. You could certainly describe the latest antics as a box of tricks.

On to something lighter, in the spirit of the 70s, I posted a list of giant albums from the 70s, proving that at the very least music was much better then. It didn’t seem to get through to you, but I’ll post another one soon to bring back good memories.


Sorry NSW, I was playing around finding songs and funny stuff to post. Lighten the feeling around here.  The latest attacks have really brought morale down. Thankfully the Duchess of Cambridge was an angel to take some of the negative thoughts away.

Thank you NSW, there are some in pending. 🌸😎


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  1. Agree re Psychic TarotCard; I follow her on YouTube. She did a V interesting reading last night; put a link on my blog if you’re interested 💖☮️

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