With snaps of fingers it will be done

I came across an article in VF that had quotes from Diana’s former secretary Jepsen. He said it is a perk for royalty never to be held responsible for their actions.
Tell Anne who went to court for her dog attacking someone. She was responsible. If ppl criticize them all they do is put fingers in their ears, pull down blinds, cover eyes.
So who pulled security source article about a royal not heed to security plans? What power do royals have? Or prestige, influence? Only figureheads. L.A.

Apparently, more power then we can imagine, which is why I ask why couldn’t they handle an actress? The race card thing is done, time to burn the reminder cause they don’t mean anything coming from Markle.

You know NYC said she smelled, I didn’t think it smelled like bullshit.

You’re right Anne took responsibility, PP turned in his license, HM lowered flags for Diana. Is this a younger royal thing? Maybe so, but the older ones subscribe to never explain, never complain.Β  I’ve never read so much leaking before.

Thank you, LA,  🌸😎


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