Anonymous said: JD, I’m going to ask you for a tip now

JD, I’m going to ask you for a tip now. What kind of tips would you give someone who can’t stop clicking on articles about a certain celebrity? How can this person manage to get away from clicking on those articles? It’s like an addiction. A bit unhealthy at this point.
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It was built this way for maximum exposure and competing narratives to continue to poke one another’s bear.  It sounds good on paper, but you’re right, how to make it stop. This was the point I was trying to make to Peter Sheridan, the west coast reporter from Daily Mail.
Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.
If Peter were honest and realized what I was trying to say to him maybe we could do some good for a change instead of throwing me under the bus. I could have helped.
The PR has to stop dead, no more articles! Stay under the radar for at least three months, but I do think there is a cleanup happening and I have a hunch the shredders are working overtime.
Unplug, go outside for fresh air, join the rest of the population that doesn’t give a hoot about MM  & Harry.
We managed the other night successfully on the website to post songs from our era and bring back floods of old memories, and it was a stress relief for me.
Talk with a friend, don’t buy the glossy tabloids People, US, don’t watch E, stay off the comment pages for a while.  That’s the most significant and most important things to do.
It shoots me in the foot with this new found venture of mine. There are more important things that I want to do than to talk about two constant self-promoters.
Life is full of categories,  pick one!
Thank you anon! Chatting really does help. 🌸😎JD