Coming in the next 24hrs is author chat- you will be able to talk to us

And to one another!  Clearly, I should’ve waited for this plugin and I chose the FB messenger🙄 .  Hoping to pull away from tumblr chat but I will still have it on until the site is complete.

Everybody needs to remain anon with the witch hunt going on SM.  The Red Queens minions are actively hunting any resistance to her reign of PR hell!

I pray to god that someone sits MM down and tells her less is really more chica!

Now, we have a vacation visit to Morocco to do what exactly?  Kp says they will release information in due course.  Prince Harry will be good, but I worry that Meghan will overstep her bounds with her feminism in a Muslim country. Which will lead to the US and GB embarrassment?

Lay off the constant hand grabbing; the girls have pictures that appear to be clawing him. Does she have a hand buzzer?  Let him breathe Markle!


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