Hollywood Celebrities

Because of the other post… I’m a woman and was a bit obsessed with a female movie star. I thought she was really cool and not fake but then I met someone who worked for her and her ex-husband, and he told me some stories about her that made me dislike her. You can never know how celebrities are behind closed doors. Whenever I see a new article about her now, I refuse to click on it because she likes attention and I don’t want to give her that anymore because I’m disappointed in her.
I’ve have posted about this before, see their movies, buy the albums but don’t fall for their spiel.  They are actors and know how to play it up. They sit in front of a mirror to perfect their craft, and people kiss their ass all day long.
The Instagram world is for self-promotions and amateur therapists.  Do as I say, not as I do, hypocrites. When they show products, they are being paid.  Most are very thirsty to stay relevant.
If they have a project, they are working on they may be required to run a fan base account as part of the contract with a healthy positive lifestyle.  Then they go to rehab in Malibu and do yoga all day with juice and anal cleanses.
Thank you anon, keep it real🌸😎