Anonymous said: Their engagements the other night was a flop

Their engagements the other night was a flop. There wasn’t a crowd at all just paps. And these paps said something behind their back. They said, “the world doesn’t think very much of these two let alone the brf.” Also, mm was trying to create a fake Brit accent again. Even dyed her hair darker almost black. Shes def. Portraying someone she is envy over. But not sure just yet…

That is a bloody shame! One thing I love is a natural history museum,  London is one the best in the world. It was for the Queens canopy she supports. 

They don’t give enough warning for these two. 

Okay, are you dropping a mini scoops anon?  Where did you hear this from?  I didn’t listen to the videos, but I’ll post one in a moment. Let’s do it now. 


I do like the rookie on Twitter, and please follow him, I swore I saw a comment that had to do with them leaving, oh well I should have grabbed it. 

I did notice MM hair, and there were no visible white scalp marks, I’m wondering did she invest in a proper wig. Some are so well made you would never know. Does anyone have a close-up?  Are you talking about Kate? yay, I get that.  My advice, chill out!

Thank you anon 🌸😎


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  1. Also, I have noticed that she is absent from The Royal Family Instagram account since Feb. 4. There have been 22 posts since the 4th, featuring many of the family members, including Harry, but no MM. She is in today’s Instagram story, but that disappears after 24 hours. I bet she is livid about this!

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