Markle the PR Trolls ~cleanup time!

 Markle and the PR Trolls

Meghan Markle Public Relations Team

Time to clean up??

by JD ūüĆłūüėé

Since the beginning of introducing Meghan Markle to the world stage began with a massive campaign to make a B-lister happen.¬† Meghan a¬† co-star on an obscure cable network that had barely a million people watching planned and executed a dueling narrative campaign using racism & sexism to get people’s attention.

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Along with MM’s lawyers, challenged the mighty Daily Mail and other media outlets with threats of lawsuits of racism. Those outlets did no such thing, and I was in the comment section daily¬†with many others, and I can tell you that the only racism was happening was on MM street team taunting the United Kingdom¬†citizens.

They spelled out you’re r a c i s¬†t¬† to get away from being deleted by the computer algorithm, crying BROWN babies!¬† Now its Queen Meghan and King Harry!¬† Let me share some of the tweets from the obsessed.

Crazy Diane wants to do away with the hereditary monarchy















ki_native ring leader
.5 media group ki_native out of Oregon~We have tracked trolls from Oregon and Washington State, Vancouver, Edmonton, Regina, Toronto, NYC, Atlanta, DC, Brazil, London, Singapore, Aus, LA, Tampa guess who has offices there?  You should have paid me off when they had the chance! Why not, Meghan allegedly paid off others?
Crazy Diane is using racism, she is an MM supporter

This¬†PR is sick and twisted and I’m seeking the truth in this. Why run such a vile campaign?

I’m a pro-monarchy supporter, and since the beginning, I’ve asked many to join me against this aggressive¬†campaign against the monarchy and reporters.

Many trusted royal reporters are being harassed and accused of racial slurs. They are being threatened with bodily harm, one that stands out is Rebecca English was threatened with acid to the face.

Richard Palmer came out in defense of reporters and told the Sussex¬†staff he would hold them personally responsible if anything should happen to any of these people.¬† ¬†Their response was don’t listen to people yelling racism.

As you all know I take anons asks, I allow people to speak their mind. Many MM PR trolls have threatened me with harm, and death threats repeatedly typed my initials over and over to intimidate me.

A real reporter would have found all the details and reported them correctly.¬† Run down and confirm the leads given.¬† Some are running scared now, and we have become plausible deniability.¬† We are in the process of being dismantled, but not so fast!¬† If we are going,¬†I’m taking some people with me!

Along with all the supporters, we will look into connections anywhere we can. Take copious notes, screenshots, and links. We know things can disappear instantly.

Another blogger accused me of not being so¬†nice to anons when I questioned them and guess what,¬†I was right along PR trolls. Anons can lie, don’t kiss ass it won’t get you anywhere.

Be objective!  I was beguiled with Wink because she was always nice, but after the wedding, the nonsense being spewed was a bit much.  My X partner swallowed that and ran with it!

Not everything is PR submitted; its click bait. Unwritten rule on tumblr is you shouldn’t post it. The effect was making Markle happen even more. I questioned this constant bombardment of showing the gas lighting happenings.

It was giving Meghan more air since I was having this one-way conversation, I needed to ask questions. I don’t know who to trust anymore, and I want to know why things were still happening when Meghan got the prize. Do your job, Meghan! You spent so much money on and follow the protocol like any other diplomat in the world.

Look at what is happening now!  Is it the same people who encouraged this to happen? Are they attacking us now to discredit us?

Passive strategy approach

The passive approach strategy, really? Why let Meghan in the¬†first to play this game?¬† She won, right, Harry married her! WTH is going on? We should be protected, do they realize this is stressful? Skippy got a slap on the wrist for calling Meghan IT, Moron, Meggit and I’ve taken the moderate approach, and I got BBQ with my friend vintage who isn’t even a royal blogger!¬† I question why?

Letting Markle do her self in, giving her rope to hang herself?¬† It’s frustrating to read that when Meghan is getting away with murder.

I received a tip last night, the new tweeter torontopaper1 is the one that was trolling many of us for the previous two years. She opened her blog since we were yelling lawsuit and police intervention. This person based in Washington state and yes, I have IP addresses  WHY?

The article against us has only brought attention to this blog, why do that?¬† Some have said. People will look at the evidence, and I think it blew up in their face.¬† They are trying to discredit everyone us. Don’t believe anything and question everything.

I need a reporter that I can trust to hear the real happenings of the goings on these past two years.


thanks for reading, JD ūüĆłūüėé






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7 Comments on “Markle the PR Trolls ~cleanup time!”

  1. Should I be blocking torontopaper1 on Twitter? I do NOT want to get shut down again. Is she an undercover sugar???!!???

    1. Oi !! Cherrrrrrrrr I’m back in Twitter as @giftedwales catch me there. I still the other one and I got to stay clean because the petition is 1500 and growing. I need to push it!

  2. I didn’t pay much attention to Henry and his love life. When I first heard about Meghan, I thought that she didn’t seem his type (based on those girlfriends I knew about such as Chelsy and Cressida). Then there was the strange statement about harassment and such Henry issued. It made things stranger to me because I felt most people just found out who she was and that they were dating and the next thing you get this statement when it didn’t appear anyone other than the press really even seemed to care about the relationship.
    It got stranger as they seemed to not be seen together. Usually the paparazzi are all over the place posting pics of whatever couple it is that is “it”. Basically nothing. You had her magazine article which was weird because royal girlfriends (and boyfriends) don’t do interviews from what I recall. They were pictured together a few times, but that was it. It really seemed like a PR relationship, and it was too fast. The next thing we knew was a special meeting was called and everyone thought the Duke of Edinburgh had died. A few days later, Henry and Meghan had their engagement announced and did their pictures, but the whole atmosphere around it was strange. I started to read some of the comments on DM and found you, con artist, and skippy. I started paying more attention. Nothing about this relationship and beyond has sat well with me. Something has been off the whole time and still is. That is why I’m here. I’d like to know what’s really going on because things don’t seem to make sense or add up. It has absolutely nothing to do with her skin color. One of the few celebs I pay any attention to is married to a woman like Meghan (biracial). I’m a big supporter. They have children who look like Meghan with her skin tone, and I hope they add to their brood. While there are certainly racists in the world, I have not seen that from the groups not happy with Meghan. It always seems to be her past, lack of character, refusal to follow protocols, inappropriate attire, etc. everything except her skin color.
    I don’t do social media is because of all the time spent on and the fakeness of it all. It had made people more vain, less caring, more judgemental, egotistical, etc…we’re raising a society of narcissists with these technological gadgets. Models are even photoshopped. Why bother with any of this fakeness? Do Meghan’s supporters realize that they don’t know her either? It’s that way for all celebs. They are glorified sales people. PR is what they do. We have no idea what they are like when they aren’t selling their products whether it be themselves, clothes, places, etc.
    I sincerely hope we all learn the truth whatever it is in regards to all those discussed here. The truth is always the most important thing and it really does make us free.

    And, while not necessarily thrilled with this family or at least members of it, I’m still a monarchist.

    Hopefully a baby Brooksbank announcement is coming soon.

    1. I feel the same way. It’s actually creepy. As soon as I heard she was American and an “actress” no one ever heard of, I knew this was going to be an international incident that would bring shame upon the entire country. And look, Kim, Kanye and Kid Rock have been to the White House and Sarah Silverman called the President a smelly wee (I don’t know what I can say here) hole. And yet it’s the manic midget that will do the most damage in the end. I can’t bare to look, but I’ve got my eyes peeled.

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