Torontopaper1 is a plant

Hi JD, Vin, Hope you are OK. I may be the only one but still, think Tor Paps could be trolling or mocking bloggers and anons by repeating what is being written in these forums. An incredible darling who used to visit blogs in person to mock and gloat stopped after mention of attorneys by you and RCMP in another blog and has instead created this account. Cheers Ko
We were remaining cautious about that them, in private chats we were going to keep an eye on them.
I told the girls on twitter to start blocking the person who is tagging 46 people, some are sugars.
Why keep this shit show going?  This is what I don’t get, MM got the prize but that will never be enough to fulfill her.
Thank you, Ko, 🌸😎JD


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