3rd Tri Travel, Victimization, etc.

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I had a baby at 40, and when I was in my third trimester, my doctor told me no air travel whatsoever. They don’t want you to go into labor away from home when you’re getting close to your due date. Plus dvt is a concern. I really don’t understand why MM would agree to/be approved for air travel to Morocco of all places when she is so close to her due date. Even if she is faking, I would think they would try to keep up appearances. This doesn’t make her look “tough” or “hardworking”. It opens her up to more criticism. I’m actually starting to wonder if she courts criticism, gets off on it in some sick way. Otherwise why would she do all the stupid stuff she does?

This brings up something else for me. I have been bothered by her use of the word “victimize” in her letter to her father. Most people don’t talk that way. They’d say why are you trying to hurt me, or why are you putting me in such a difficult position? I’ve never heard someone refer to themselves as victimized before.

I think she gets off on being in trouble, or “victimized”. She actively seeks out criticism because it allows her to paint herself as a victim and look to men to be her heroes. Gross


Dear thoughts, I agree with this, and she can’t be that stupid knowing we are going to point out the obvious reasoning why you don’t fly

Great Job! Thank you thoughts, 賅


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  1. Why is it this pair is being sent out of all the possibilities?

    Aren’t the King and Queen of Spain there now on a two day visit?


  2. Weird for a so called feminist to play the damsel in distress all the time. Also I thought it odd that she calls him “Daddy”. I love my dad and we’re really close, but it just makes me uncomfortable to hear a grown woman call her father daddy. Especially when she had to know that letter would eventually be leaked. It was definitely written for an audience. Finally, for the last few months they have been inventing drama where there isn’t any. Kate and mm, The hunting conflict, moving to get away from the Cambridges etc. And I wonder if things are so bad over there that they’re pulling the plug on the baby thing. Which isn’t a problem when she’s not really pregnant and it makes it a heck of a lot easier if they divorce. The surrogate can be sorted out I’m sure. So that leaves coming up with yet another story and she gets to play the “victim” yet again and the trip to Morocco was so “she could get away from it all” and ….. They’ll think of something in which she will get sympathy and everyone will like her now. Just an idea. This is better than General Hospital in the 80’s!

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