Radaronline UK- Protect Kate!

In the UK here. Nope, RadarOnline does not work. Can’t see that article.

I live in Berlin and can’t read the radar article. I would need to change my IP address to read it.
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I was surprised to see in google alerts, okay, it’s nothing we don’t already know, just the fact that it will reach more Americans and Canadians is good.  Maybe the next step is to unblock it when the time comes. Which I suspect they are already drawing lines in the sand.
I will be team British Royal Monarchy, and I don’t want to die knowing a family I highly respect is taken out by a Z-list Narcoholic actress. I want to see Charles ascend to the throne followed by William and Kate.
I hope you will all join me in defending the future Queen Consort.
We shall screenshot if there is anything juicy,  Markle’s are in it together, and Thomas showed his texts to a reporter??  We wouldn’t know that cause it was never photographed.  So far this stays a scripted drama.
Berlin, does your tabs have anything out there?
thank you anons 🌸😎


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  1. Hot dippity do da day. I’ve always said the Markles are grifters. Mom and dad taught MM. Now she’s running this show. Dad has texts to out his daughter. You know honor has nothing to do with this. It’s just about the money. Con artists reinvent themselves all the time. As long as they are laughing to the bank, they’re good. In the meantime there’s a million people who now have HBP as a result of her antics

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