Look at the bags allegedly containing the baby gifts consider their shape do they look like bags with gifts you’d give for a new baby? Stuff like toys, nursery lamps, baby bottles, stuffed animals? Not to me look more like they have clothes stuffed in them, so maybe all she got were baby clothes to merch?


The real shower party is allegedly Tuesday like she needed one, it’s considered in bad taste for a Royal to have one.  Tacky! Who knows what she got, more crap to wear to earn her living pap strolling. Hopefully, the people around the world put an end to that, but she gets away with murder.

I suspect she is in the US to do her taxes, lawyer, and PR.  This exclusive tells me something, and she is in cahoots with the DM.  I knew the west coast reporters but London it shocks me. We shall see how this plays out.

Thank you anon 🌸😎


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3 Comments on “Bags”

  1. Do you know what roasts my nuts the most in all of this crazy … our Senior Royals MUST know what’s going on & yet still – nothing zip zilch zero … in either action or words. C’mon, one of you, give your subjects a crumb 🤦‍♀️😡

    1. Hi Barb I have to agree I am so angry, extremely disappointed in the fact that that not 1 member of that family is doing a thing about the fact that this z listed wannabe is making them all look pathetic. Don’t they have any pride? Are they happy that she is happily screwing them and their legacy. What a way to go out Queen E. No one will remember the good things they will always refer back to your time on the throne as when a z listed who did her best work on her back brought down the monarchy.

      1. Yes, I feel like they’re just sitting back watching their empire fall & I just don’t understand why 🤷‍♀️

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