Something is up

It has been 15 days since MM appeared on the Royal Family official Instagram account. They just posted photos of Harry doing a solo engagement today. It has also been a full week since she appeared on the Kensington Palace official Instagram. Both of these accounts post very frequently, and I think it’s really interesting that MM has been left off for so long. She hasn’t even been mentioned! Now with the shady fake-looking NYC pap pictures? I think something big is going on.


Oh, you are not kidding, MM is about to unleash the three-ring circus!  Holy crap the photo set from tumblr is impressive! Over the top and entirely in bad taste.

Here we focused on Media Meg, while more important things are happening with the BRF.  Yes, I noticed them on twitter as well, I heavily rely on that outlet to the message out.  Maybe, they took away her IG and twitter privileges.

I agree, but I won’t say it’s not her by what I see happening now.  The picture is wrong, that is not an RPO if so, he should be sacked!

We all have our hairs standing on end over this.  The shit show is energetic and it costs a bundle.

Thank you anon 🌸😎


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  1. 15 days and no PR for the wayward wench from the family? She’ll just use their money and buy herself some.

    1. The Royal Family Insta account is managed by Buckingham Palace press office, and they cover all working royals, and include Harry still. Jason Knauf’s team manages the KP insta, which has covered Harry without MM lately. To me, that says that William and the queen herself (or someone close to her) are directly and deliberately keeping her off their SM. PC’s people manage the Clarence House Insta account, and they only post Charles & Camilla events. So she is getting completely frozen out of the royals’ social media. Knowing Meg’s thirsty ways, this has to be a deliberate strategy designed to send her a message. Or maybe send us a subtle message that they are distancing themselves from her? I am surprised that the DM hasn’t picked up on this yet. So yes, she will have to buy herself some, but she is alone, twisting in the wind.

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