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3 Comments on “tumblr ~ lovejovialcollectionagent ~ a fantastic photo set”

  1. Apparently this hotel has a flower shop, so the flowers may not be for this.

    If she’s been in NYC since Friday, why did we just start seeing pics on Monday?
    If she really wanted this private, it would have been.

    Guests apparently included JM, MA, Serena, Misha, her suits co-star….and a second shower is apparently in the works (that her mom will be at)………………….

  2. I’m shaking my head and rolling my eyes so much I have a headache. It’s just such a cry for attention. But what I really want to know is…… Are there special messages written on those hot dogs?

  3. It’s going to be gloriously, remarkably OTT obnoxious & vulgar, isn’t it. Careful camera angles to show ALL her friends who love her (why in NYC–she was never associated with it, but if she goes to LA for it she will be ripped for not seeng her dad & NYC has some glorious hotels). Then she will ‘suddenly’ go into labor, pay off the hospital in return for publicity, pay off the Dr, get around the presence of a Royal OB by havingmamvery fast labor due to the yoga thing, pick up the baby from the surrogate & ‘recover’ at a swanky hotel & go home & into hiding until she reappears with her figure “back”.

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