Geez~ Let’s review

so let’s review

Meghan stays in a $75,000 a night penthouse at The Mark probably comped or paid for by “friends.”
Meghan merches everything – the whole shower was like the wedding only worse gifts in boxes left on the street for the paps to photograph, so the brands got exposure merching handbags, clothes, suitcases, hotels, restaurants, whatever.

The Beyoncé “melanoma Mona Lisa” (Beyoncé’s words on her IG) celebrating black people infiltrate the white power structure oh the RF is so screwed on this.
Beyoncé on her website (see Mio) writing praise for Meghan thus summoning the hive to Meghan’s defense.

My fav Beyoncé is claiming Harry is advancing race relations with Meghan. If the truth on Meghan came out, race relations would be set back. And Harry? The guy who used the “n” word? Called a soldier a “Paki”? Nazi costume as a joke? Meghan who wears dark makeup now to look more black but joined a white sorority and chased rich white men? Three white husbands? White live in lovers? Race relations advancers? Beyoncé, don’t be a tool.

And now People has an article with all of Meg’s Tamara Mellon merch (one of the Tamara Mellon consultants was at her merch pap festival – shower), and you get a 100$ discount just like the IG lifestyle influencers give. Yeah, Megsy you reached your goal using Harry to become a lifestyle influencer!!!

DM comment claiming to be inside, says she got Morocco to stop her from going from NYC to LA and showing up as a surprise guest at the Oscars. I believe this the Morocco trip is last minute and frankly makes no sense otherwise.

The RF has NO control over her.

Dear God. And I bet you it gets a lot worse.


It will, and she outed to People Mag her agenda in Morocco, Girls education and youth empowerment, you got to be kidding me in a Muslim country??  KP never released why they are going in the first place, and we can’t guarantee the King will even be there.  It’s to political, big goose egg if they allow her to do that.

I agree with you, one big comp fest, merching stuff and promoting the hell out of so-called friends. I guarantee you they will all turn their backs once it all comes out.

MM claimed she was white and Jewish. Meghan is a morpher, and she is anyone you need her to be as long as it benefits her.

How in the hell does this have anything to do with race relations?  You marry someone for love, so she is setting up the race war. Gee, I wonder what she said?


Thank you anon 🌸😎


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  1. Please, tell me, what skin color is “acceptable” these days? I hurt so badly at what’s happened to this situation surrounding how much pigment is in one’s skin. Who chooses their skin tone before they’re born? I’m going to say something that might make somebody mad, but here it goes. When I was 12, in 6th grade, the girls started in on me, calling me “ghost.” I am fair, pale blue eyes, brunette, never tanned, burned. I didn’t hate myself, but given a choice I wanted to look like Olivia Hussey who was the “it girl”Juliet in 1968. I preferred to be able to tan, and have, but it camesl with a cost, sun damage. I had friends from all countries, always loving the diversity. How is it the ones, like me, who are called names, accept those who are least like us in physical appearance? And, my hair was curly, in an era of straight hair. It gave me fits. I grew to like it, eventually. That’s what I want for us, to grow up and see the adult, accept that person, in one another. Because if we don’t, our future generations will not. Race wars are bloodless, yet brutal, and kill our souls. Family is not a color, it’s unity that binds us together for strength.

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