Aida  submitted: DM Deletes ALL Comments

DM Deletes ALL Comments


The DM has just deleted all comments on this article:

matilda67, Berlin, Germany, 3 minutes ago

ALL comments (I believe it was 4 or 5 thousand) have just been removed, deleted from the top news article about Meghan’s trip…

Pface, London, United Kingdom, less than a minute ago

All comments deleted in other post, oh i wonder why….


All Best Rated comments were negative, I think the DM received a call from the KP. If all the top comments are now going to positive on that article, we know why the old ones got deleted – comment section manipulation again.


I’m going to say this now, and I bet you are going agree with me. The Daily Mail IMO has been complicit in Markle’s rise to fame.  They were the only ones invited to the party. All other tabs were left out. They hired paps to take those pictures for exclusive, and they don’t go unless they are called.

Same goes with the Markle’s; now I want some bloody answers, I wish the other outlets would call them out.

They have trashed the comments too often, that means it was a sponsored article form Markle’s PR.  I’ve seen some of the comments, and they are not that bad to delete.

Thank you, Aida, for your contributions to the blog🌸😎💋


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One Comment on “Aida  submitted: DM Deletes ALL Comments”

  1. I said the same yesterday. DMs change in tune to presently being overly pro Markle, the sugary articles and the aggressive deletion of any negative comments suggests to me they struck up a deal recently. By the timing I’d say her team offered them an exclusive in return for some control over her recently negative press image. An effort is being made with no other reason to whitewash the recent criticism of this woman and the constant….up until recently negative and judgemental journo pieces. I think the exclusive deal involved her convenient incognito arrival in NY, which was clearly staged and pre arranged. In the entire of NY the DMs papz just had to be near by with her two hats on display (one stereotypically British)….?

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