Creative Artist Agency~ Meghan Markle

Hey, friends, do you guys remember we got a tip that Meghan was over at the creative artist agency. That tip may be true!

George Clooney is a client, and so is Gayle King! Reese Wetherspoon, remember the blind she got invited to the royal wedding? She is with CAA.

It pays to dig around!  This was one giant PR stunt; this was staged by these wonderful people. How about them apples Markle?


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5 Comments on “Creative Artist Agency~ Meghan Markle”

  1. The reason” they” want to align themselves with MM is simple . MM is now a Royal, (and I do say that with tongue firmly in cheek ) and by association these people are seen as good , virtuous , more desirable etc , in sociological terms it’s called the halo effect ( see cognitive bias ) and significantly is used in PR and marketing . Its obvious MM is now being turned into a brand so this is what she needs as part of that process . The hangers on give her kudos too , they’ve been hand picked for their particular “skill sets ” humanitarians for example . This scenario means it’s a win win situation for all involved everybody gets a slice of the pie !
    What fun ! How these people do live !

  2. But why? Why would A listers want to align themselves with her? Surely they read the news & are aeare how disliked she is 🤦‍♀️☮️

    1. I’m guessing it’s the novelty of her being a royal. You don’t come by those often. Also everyone in Hollywood is fake, they just haven’t seen the other side of her.

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