Miscellaneous observations & disgust

I think she looked tipsy/drunk in the pictures of her coming out of the Polo Bar on Tuesday night. Look at her eyes; she looks like she’s trying too hard to look sober.

I also think the cost estimates of her trip are very conservative. High-end restaurants & cafés in NYC are more expensive than the DM lists. I live in NYC, and there is no way the Polo Bar cost less than $250 a head for food and drink, and that’s if they kept spending in check, which you know they didn’t. The Surrey and Laduree? Forget it; there’s no way they spent only $25, more like a minimum of $50 each. Same goes for the flowers and catering. I think it’s entirely possible that the final tab – just for HER, not her friends included – is more in the $600,000 plus range.

She also clearly did a lot of tweaking while in NYC – fillers, new weave, botox. I think her nose looks different too? Ethical doctors will not do botox and fillers on pregnant women; they could lose their medical license. They certainly will not perform surgery on a pregnant woman.

I am waiting for Piers Morgan or someone, anyone, to write an opinion piece about how vulgar, obscene, inappropriate and out of touch, this trip was. Why hasn’t it come yet?

Glad you’re back JD, I missed you yesterday. Hope all is well, xo Thoughts


Hey, Thoug.hts!

We know how expensive the Big Apple is, where you can rent a walk-in closet for 1,200 a month. The most expensive real estate on the planet and those restaurants and hotels have to charge that much to make money.

Meggie the mercher just had to be pretentious and stop some of the most expensive places and merch her clothes and the hot spots. This was a well planned and executed.

Meg has zero shame spending millions of taxpayer money on both sides of the pond.

Did you read Enty’s Blind, that her gifts are party favors after the child arrives? All my friends including my self think she is using a surrogate.   Why not drink and do whatever?  Meghan doesn’t care what you think; she’s getting off on it.  The more we talk about her, the more she is going to do this. The only person who can stop this is Harry.

Let me ask you, Do you think the DM is in on with her? Are they complicit?  Is this all part of the show?

It would break my heart if Piers were involved in this somehow.

The family circus is adding more pressure to the BRF. It’s almost like they are sending extortion signals, PAY MEG big bucks now!  It reminds of the creepy Stephen King movie where the guy takes the children and leaves the townspeople devasted during a noreaster The Storm of the century.  The entity knows all their lies and uses it against them. “Give me what I want, and I’ll go away.”

I relate through music and movies to help me describe this situation.  Any feelings I have a song might pop in my head. I think this should be our theme “Give me what I want, and I’ll go away.” See tipster say she was offered a generous amount of money but, maybe not liberal enough.


Thank you thoughts, 🌸😎

PS: I’m under the gun personally with a bigger place that I have to finish the restoration before we move.  Plus I have to sell this place too.  Pain and exhaustion are setting in. We love where we live; the community is awesome.  It’s worth it!  You guys are on my mind all the time.



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  1. We are getting a taste of what is to come peasants. This will not stop but get worse. Harry is enabling her. He is now really is irrelevant hope he enjoys the ride.

  2. JD, take care of business first. You never take a vacation.
    Thoughts: up for the highest bidder. Old regime being squeezed out. New handlers much more demanding. They will make you long for the good ol’ days of, “Is he nice?”

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